Welcome to Pine Grove!

Our Mission is to create an experience for our families so exceptional
that it creates campers for life!


At Pine Grove, we offer programs for children ages 3-15.  Each program is designed to meet the physical and developmental needs of that specific age group. Guided by our mission, Pine Grove creates a unique atmosphere allowing campers to develop skills in a variety of activities while gaining life skills.

We firmly believe that by experiencing success as a child our campers will gain the skills they need to be successful in life, and those success opportunities should not be random! Our program is intentionally designed to create those opportunities for success, resulting in a summer experience for your child that will yield a more confident, independent and well-rounded human being, just for having been at camp.



A summer at Pine Grove will yield a truly unique experience for your child. It is so much more than just learning how to swim or hitting a baseball; it means your child will gain true life skills, like:

  • Independence
  • Confidence
  • Teamwork and Sportsmanship
  • Willingness to try new activities
  • Determination and Perseverance
  • Social Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Integrity
  • Leadership Skills
  • Resilience


Although we are proud of our facilities and amenities, it’s really the staff that makes Pine Grove so special. Our counselor, specialists and swim instructors, all act as ‘role models’ and through our Programs and Activities are responsible for creating the atmosphere of success that can impact a child for life.

During the course of the Summer, the relationships your child builds with their counselors and specialists are both meaningful and unique. These powerful relationships help to drive your child’s achievements at Pine Grove. Our professionally trained counselors and specialists are carefully hired, screened and taught to help your child find their own avenue of success during the time they are here. Our staff are not only positive role models but they are with our campers every step of the way; helping your child to succeed and even more importantly coaching them through frustrations and setbacks


The Pine Grove Experience begins with either Central Pick Up or Door to Door Transportation and a full lunch program with hot and cold options prepared onsite. Our beautiful 36-acre facility yields plenty of field space, 5,000 sq ft air conditioned indoor theater, 5,000 sq ft air conditioned indoor gymnastics room, Indoor air conditioned dining facilities, 4 heated pools, a newly renovated Skate Park and so much more.