Check our Transportation Options



We have two transportation options available: Door to Door Transportation (which is included in the price) or Central Pickup Locations ($400 Discount from prices)

Each camp day begins and ends with our fully Air-Conditioned 16 or 24 Passenger School Buses arriving at your door or central pick up location to transport your children to and from camp at no additional cost.

All drivers are CDL licensed and have passed a background check. Our drivers have years of experience transporting children throughout Central New Jersey.

The Transportation Director begins working in the Spring on developing the routes for the buses based on getting your camper to and from as quickly and safely as possible. While we do try to accommodate requests, there is no guarantee your camper will be on the bus with friends.

Bus Counselors

2-young-boys-2Each Pine Grove Bus has a staff member on it that, along with the driver, is responsible for the safety of your camper. This staff member is specially trained to ensure that all campers are safe and how to respond to an emergency situation.

In addition, the Bus Counselor must have a Cell Phone on them at all times in case we need to contact them. They are responsible for letting the Camp Office know when they are leaving to begin the run and when the last camper is dropped off.

For our Pinecone and Voyager (Pre-K-2nd Grade) Campers, the Bus Counselor is responsible for walking your camper from your door in the morning and to your door in the afternoon.

Bus Program

At Pine Grove, we like to think that the bus ride to and from camp should be an extension of the camp day. While Safety is our number one concern, the Bus Counselors are also provided with a specially designed Bus Program to execute on the bus. This consists of games and contests that campers can play while seated and win great prizes!