Program & Activities

Our Mission is to create an experience for our families so exceptional that it creates campers for life!


basketballThe Pine Grove program creates opportunities for our campers to try new things and develop skills in a variety of athletic and creative activities, and this becomes the vehicle for a truly transformative experience. The power of the Pine Grove experience is not in learning to play lacrosse or performing in the Dance Show, but rather in the process that leads to the accomplishment.

Driven by our mission, the Pine Grove staff creates a caring, supportive environment where trying new things and overcoming obstacles is not only possible but a daily occurrence. Our counselors are Role Models and are present every step of the way, believing in the campers and giving them the confidence they need to succeed. Everything we do from hiring staff to developing exciting new program areas is done to foster this environment. We understand that caring for a child is not always giving them what they want but truly teaching the life skills necessary to succeed and improve their Emotional Intelligence.

Camp Structure

3-campers-2Campers are organized into groups based on the grade they are entering in the following September and led by two or more counselors. The groups are organized into divisions and each division is overseen by an adult teacher called a Division Leader. Once our campers are entering kindergarten and up, they are in single sex groups.

Each group follows a custom, 5-day schedule that addresses the needs and interest of that group. Instructional Swim, Free Swim, and Lunch are the only constants in the group schedules. The remainder of the activities vary Monday – Friday allowing our campers to experience everything Pine Grove has to offer.

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