Meet the Directors

Gary Maser, Director and Kim Maser, Office Manager

As the Director and Office Manager of Pine Grove Day Camp, Gary and Kim Maser bring with them decades of camp experience, a love for children and an eagerness to see them grow and succeed.

Gary is a camp “lifer,” who hasn’t missed a camping summer in over 30 years. Gary is known for his spontaneity, enthusiasm, and outrageous special events, and credits his lifelong passion for camp with his decision to work with kids year round and become a teacher.

Gary started out in 1993 as a counselor at Camp Discovery in Westchester, NY, and has worked in camping for the last 20+ years, climbing through the ranks at Meadowbrook Country Day Camp, Oak Crest Day Camp, and Deer Mountain Day Camp. Before Gary became a full time director he was a teacher for 7 years: three years as a middle school teacher in the Bronx and four years at a special education high school in Bergen County, NJ .

Kim was born and raised in New Hampshire and brings her love of children with her to New Jersey. Kim, like Gary, was a teacher before working at Pine Grove full time. She taught at an elementary school in the Bronx, a Montessori school in NJ, and a preschool in NY. Kim has also been involved in the camp world, and worked as a cooking specialist at Deer Mountain Day Camp, and a travel division leader and assistant office manager at Oak Crest Day Camp. Kim brings patience, understanding and a contagious p
ositive attitude with her everywhere she goes.

The husband and wife team met at college and have two beautiful children, Skylar and Tye, both of whom attend camp.

Wendi Sue Grisanti, Assistant Director

wendi-sueWendi Sue is going into her 9th summer here at Pine Grove and her third summer as our Assistant Director. In previous years, Wendi Sue was in charge of the Pinecone (preK & K) Division and it is no coincidence that she has had her little one’s in contention for the coveted Pine Grove Cup every summer. She pays close attention to every child’s needs and looks for ways to provide success opportunities for them everyday.

Wendi Sue has a lot of experience with children, and management, as she has owned two dance schools in the area (Wendi Sue Porter School of Dance) and was in the classroom with them for over 25 years.  She’s excited to be in her second career still working (and playing) with children.

Wendi Sue has two daughters who were both counselors here at Pine Grove and three grandchildren who are future campers.